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СНПЧ А7 Чебоксары, обзоры принтеров и МФУ

Almost 8 years in the field and effectively contributing to the industry and people.A wide range of quality products from FDA approved manufacturing plants.Pioneer in Ayurvedic generic formulations. Success in pain segment. We have good no. of staff for fast,qualitative production with the help of latest automatic machines and operators. Our company is establish in 2004, the company has played a pioneering role in re-establishing ancient knowledge with modern research and manufacturing techniques. AYURVEDA is a 5000 year old science of health care and herbal treatment. AYURVEDA is now back by modern scientific research and technologies and provides its general healing touch to millions around the world.Our company also helpful to reestablish the ancient knowledge of AYURVEDA and we are very success in our field. Our Mission is to be the global numero uno in AYURVEDA and its related spheres by leveraging on our brand equity, experience, core knowledge and competence, our target areas are the rural areas of our country because around 75% of INDIA is made of rural and 25% urban, modern manufacturing and research capabilities. Mission statement- LOW PRICE, HIGH QUALITY LOW PROFILE, HIGH INCOME Pravinbhai H. Patel established KISAN UDYOG in 2004 to combine the resources of AYURVEDA with modern research and manufacturing technology. We have effective marketing team for supply of our products in target areas and we are very success. Our products like KISAN DANT MANJAN, DONTANA, RAVIRAJ DANT MANJAN are very effective products in Dental Care. The KVIC approved products. RAVIRAJ VATNASHAK TAILA(OIL) AND TAPAN TAILA(OIL) this 2 oils are very effective in bone problems, disease like Rheumatoid Arthritis, hair line fracture, treatment in bone fracture, other. K.U.PAIN BALM remedy for headache, body pain, cold, other. JASWANT ALOE-VERA HAIR OIL Maintain Softness and Blackness of Hair, Gives Nourishment of Hair, effective in dandruff and Hair Fall. This all products are high quality, low price and effective products.


KVIC Approved and FDA approved.Manufacturing batches are tested in Qualichel Lab, Nagpur.


Factory is situated in Nagzira Road, Sakoli.We have 2 mfg. units total in 10000 sq. feet.

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